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  The Green Party
2024 Presidential Primary  

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Greetings Greens,

I hope this letter finds you well and smiling.

The [Daví for President 2024] campaign is upholding the principles of The Green Party, presenting the first-ever presidential plan for equality and democracy in modern history. You can check out the full campaign plan, press, music, media and more, here at

One thing I’ve seen on this campaign trail is that my campaign plan has the ‘of course' factor that is missing from every other presidential campaign.

Of course we want a plan for equality; proactively creating, offering and supporting a high standard of American life in salary, in work and home access.

Of course we want to figure out how America can rehabilitate our lands and our people.

Of course America should offer healthcare cost coverage like every other nation that cares about its people.

Of course America should modernize our democratic process so that our government and foreign policy reflects the will of the American people.

We have come together as Greens around principles, Social Justice, Peace, Ecology, Education and Democracy. I am looking for members of the Green Party who still believe in the principles that the party stands for, to vote with purpose, to do something different for a different result.

This campaign has been a winding road, yet and still, I am grateful for this honor and opportunity to serve as your 2024 presidential candidate. 


Make your vote count, vote with purpose, vote for the presidential candidate who your vote can actually count for. Vote for the candidate upholding a real equality and democracy in their campaigning and in their presidential plan.

Vote Daví 2024, each step onward toward a super(b) America!



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