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Life Survey

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The EARTH ORDER Life Survey is a private, encrypted application designed to setup your identification within Earth Order and understand some of your perspectives on society. Only yourself and Earth Order will be able to see your information.

As of now the Life Survey is available English. We will be expanding languages soon. 

Once you've completed your application as an Adult Participant, you may then complete applications for a business and/or a minor. 


Only adults above the age of 16 years may complete the application. 

Completed applications will be entered into the Earth Order Lottery for Participation. Application period ends on Athur 1st / (March 1st).


Earth Order will launch in the United States of America on

1 A.A. Athur 1st / (March 21, 2021)

A face picture and an email address are required.


This Week's Color: Yellow

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