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In no unclear sense, let it be stated plainly:


I am Daví. I am gifted by Earth, the ability to communicate with animals and the ability to tap into higher dimensional truths / messaging. Ancestrally, the human with these gifts uses the title, Ävatar of Earth. My responsibility is to protect Earth and usher in a greater day for the "civilized" world called Earth Order.


Earth Order is Earth's offering for humanity to get our organization correct. There must be a minimum quality of life established within the species, by the species. Every species must understand itself in order to grow / evolve. Without this established, the species not only grows destructively and it is extremely weak to external attack. Earth Order is the last chance for humans to agree to what makes humanity - a premise that has never been agreed to and adhered to globally.


The public confirmation of extra terrestrial beings by the Pentagon in 2020 changes the nature of our collective reality. The time is NOW for humans to begin learning how to accept ourselves and protect each other in this vast universe. This processing begins by releasing control over and war with one another; changing to focus to what is essential for quality life, for innovation and for evolution in society.