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OKAYPLAYER: Daví's Feature Interview with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire

AFROPUNK: Review of Daví's first album, Got the Seed

TALKS AT GOOGLE: Live Performance and Interview at Google NYC Headquarters

IMDB: Choreographer of Lionsgate Film, Peeples


PARIS&CO: Announcement of Clefpay as the 2017 winner of 4-month Startup Incubator in Paris, France

IBM: Photos of Clefpay winning IBM's first NYC blockchain competition and subsequent speaking at IBM Watson Headquarters


2021 NYC Mayoral Campaign

OFFICIAL MAYORAL CAMPAIGN AD: Campaign ad for Daví's 2021 run for New York City Mayor

NEW YORKERS FOR CULTURE AND ARTS DEBATE: Debate with Mayor Eric Adams and other candidates hosted by Luis Miranda & Anna Glass

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