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Mayoral Action List

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The following is a bulleted overview of the actions I will do as Mayor:



  • As Mayor, I will celebrate the incredible legacy of New York City by declaring it The High-Social Sacred Ground of America. This title describes the high priority social and cultural acceptance in this land; those who keep the conversation of humanity moving forward regardless on international governmental differences.

  • I will declare New York City statehood; a city-state, operating similarly to the Holy See in Europe but part of the United States of America.

    • We do this so that New York City, with a population larger than most states, may have its own distinct voice in the United States of America’s government;

      • increasing efficiency of resource allocation

      • the city’s economic self-determination

      • and the nation’s general fairness in representation

    • With this distinction we also celebrate the unique voice of New York State, championing its growth and self-identification as a state as well.



  • I will engage the city in a call to action for 100% child adoption by 2024.



  • In regards to education, I am greatly concerned about the content of what children are being taught. I will gather an education council to examine and reimagine in 2021 what knowledge should be known by a human by the age of 16 to adequately prepare the individual for life.

  • From this point, we will begin the important work restructuring of how this information can be learned alongside the development healthy patterns of socializing, exploration and self-discovery.

  • These debates will be publicly debated as learning tools for all who watch, most especially the students who’ve already missed precious learning time due the pandemic.



  • All residents of NYC will have the opportunity to be a Participant in Earth Order where they will receive a base salary in cryptocurrency regardless of their choice of business to work in.

    • Earth Order is a cryptocurrency supplementary income option (on top of any individual’s pre-existing income) that can act as economic cushion for the city.

  • As Mayor, I will encourage NYC businesses and government offices to accept cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin and Earth Order’s currency as payment.



  • I will develop a robust recycling program to fertilize and mature our lands, to increase air and overall environmental quality.

    • I will change the concept of garbage or trash to ‘unused materials’ and replace all public bins to recycling and compost receptacles.

      • reducing New York City contribution to landfills by 90% by 2023

    • I will generally increase the integration of plant and architecture.



  • The NYPD will transition to becoming the N.Y.C. P.O.L.I.C.E.

    • P.O.L.I.C.E.: Patient Organized Loyal Integrous Community Enrichers.

      • Their service will be know for its strong organization and counseling before any required physical interaction.

    • The squadron will be split into 2 Lines of Emergency

      • 1 ) Counseling and Dispute Arbitration

      • 2) Rescue and Assistance

        • Arbitration will include an Elder Council to utilize the wisdom of our city’s senior citizens.

    • I will gradually close all prisons by 2026 if not sooner and increase rehabilitation centers where inmates will spend the rest of their sentences so that they may be productive members of society upon their release.



  • NYC Hospitals will begin a program to become NYC Healing Hospitals - these are hospitals where the doctors and practitioners are trained in multiple forms of healing practices from throughout the world such as reiki, sound therapy and counseling to best treat patients - least invasively and holistically.



  • I will increase naturally foresting areas in the city by 15% while using compost from city sewage and public receptacles to increase soil quality citywide.

  • I will match the Los Angeles’ ‘Green New Deal’. It is a great plan and creates a great path to 100% zero emission vehicles by 2050.

  • The last week of each month will be entitled Earth Awareness Week where everyone is encouraged to clean up their neighborhood.

    • To cherish the Earth that we are / the Earth we stand on / the Earth we share.

  • This week is coupled with outdoor city-sponsored park exercise such as running groups, Qi Gong and dance classes.



  • I will lead an initiative to make all public transportation free to the public and renewably powered by 2026, if not sooner.



  • I will create a network of businesses and restaurants that are open between the hours of 8PM-8AM; making New York City truly the city that never sleeps.



  • All city billboards will become locations where visual artists may have their works licensed. City-wide applications will be open to anyone age 16 year of age and older.

  • 3 Levels of Compensation for Licensing Artwork

  1. Outdoor Billboard (Highest)

  2. Inside Subway

  3. Inside Subway Corridors



  • Non-emergency honking will be banned.

  • Fire Truck, ambulances and all vehicles with sirens reduce the volume by 15%.

  • We are very physically close in this city so sound usage should be intentional as possible such in the case with music playing.  We all could use a bit more quiet to think and find peace.



  • I will create a large NYC natural pet sanctuary for abandoned animal friends so that their lives may not be trapped in cages.


Thank you for taking the time and reading this. May it inspire you to create your own list of what you’d like to see in NYC and share it with me sometime at info[at]bydavi.com.