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[[1 A.A. Tubí 4th]]  - 5/4/2021 A.D.

For the record until November 2nd 2021, I am The Candidate for Mayor of New York City.


Please disregard these attempts in the media to make it seem as though I am not a candidate in the NYC Mayoral Race. The fear of equality, freedom and health is astonishing to me sometimes, I do feel disappointed. I'm watching people fight for their own continued torture. They forget (or don't know) that whatever they believe about the world, they help to manifest. 

This is why I maintain my website only - to be fully in control of my digital imprint, my digital voice. I've worked very hard to simplify and present very complex teachings for your liberation. I've worked hard to distill this into a political campaign that you can simply vote for. Regardless of how one may feel about my physical appearance, my abilities, my manner of communicating, etc. - I ask for the sake of Earth, the children and the generations after, at this critical moment in human history, please make this less about me and more about the outcomes of what I present in my campaign. No more marches, no more begging. Within your full humanity, going to the polls to vote for the equality of your own humanity with no addendums. 

Please take care of yourself. Please trust yourself. Please free yourself from the thinking that confirms your own expectations of worse. We gon' make it. 


[[1 A.A. Khoiák 23rd]]  - 4/23/2021 A.D.

Right on time from last week's post, a crack opened and I am featured in my first public event with most of the mayoral candidates in the Mayoral Forum on Culture & Arts. You can watch it HERE

Thank you to New York for Cultural Arts and to The National Black Theatre for ensuring my involvement. 

I received some emails during the broadcast - one described my campaign as "beautiful". I was deeply moved. When is the last time you've heard someone describe a political campaign using the word 'beautiful'? 

Thank you to the new visitors to bydavi.com and a warm welcome to new supporters. It is up to each of us to change the conversation of our future from solely being about what we don't want; it is good information however, it's time to give thought, research and conversation to the future that we do want. This is the first time in the history of the United States of America that we will have the opportunity to vote for a real technology, a real system of equality and not just the concept. The most important question is: do you actually want equality?  




[[1 A.A. Khoiák 17th]]  - 4/17/2021 A.D.


On currently being blocked out from major media concerning the NYC Mayor Election:  


It is sad to see the quiet hand of corporations and private interests once again interrupting the process of democracy - the process of all potential leaders being heard in choosing the next leader of the most important city in the world.  Nonetheless, out of all of the mayoral candidates, the idea that I may be considered enough of a threat to be routinely not-invited and disinvited from mayoral debates, article mentions, etc, is truly a compliment. It is a testament to the work I've put into preparing for this exact moment in time - molding my leadership, presenting an uncompromising and new-foundational campaign. Regardless of any individual's limited perceptions in the current time, light always triumphs and especially in this case, it is destined so.


[[1 A.A. Khoiák 12th]]  - 4/12/2021 A.D. 


Earth Order: NYC | the corporation for the thriving and evolution of humans in New York City.



With Earth Order: NYC, everyone is paid equal salaries for work in a self-chosen or self-created Earth Order Business so that our city can focus on a new goal - becoming the most productive city in the world. This productivity inherently involves efficiency - optimally utilizing the self and materials in a non-wasteful manner. Judging and evaluating our society and our products not by their profit, but by their greater contribution and quality; quality both created by the individual and experienced by the individual. This allows the work that the people find important to be done in the city, completely eliminates poverty, unemployment, underemployment and unfulfilled employment; completely eliminates the illusion of human uselessness.


With Earth Order, New York City is our brand, that we build together and in turns builds each of us. 


[[1 A.A. Ayer 25th]]  - 3/25/2021 A.D. 

As NASA has confirmed, Earth has a mind nearly identical in activity neurons / brain waves found in the human heart, brain and stomach; we just experience Earth’s brain waves as lightning. An Ävatar is simply Earth’s method of communicating to a particular species / aspect of herself. Very similar to the way you may think about / touch / talk to one specific area of your body to cause healing.

In abstraction, The Lion King showed us that this happens in the animal kingdom regularly where one spiritually gifted individual of the species is given the charge in life to realign the species and thereby the ecosystem that the species contributes to. Every species goes through this process to best fit within Earth – the bacteria and the insects are the most proficient. When this happens, the rhythm / the regular ways of living are updated and a complimentary healthy rhythm for the ecosystem overall is created.



[[1 A.A. Ayer 24th]]  - 3/24/2021 A.D. 

Objection to Petitioning on the Basis of Life Threat

(sent to NYC Board of Elections and the Office the Governor)



I, Ävatar Daví, candidate for Mayor of New York City, formally object to the requirement of petitioning to ballot on the basis of life threat during the current global pandemic and economic crisis.

Life Threats in example:

  1. A campaign supporter catches coronavirus because of the increased intimate exposure to potentially thousands of individuals while probing for and collecting signatures.

  2. Because we are in a time where a mask mandate is in place, if a campaign supporter encounters someone on the street who attacks, kidnaps or rapes them, everyone is behind a mask so there are no full descriptions of a suspect; furthermore, there are no full descriptions of the campaign supporter for help. This means there is no justice to be served and no help to be expected if anything goes wrong.

While I understand the tradition, we are in a global pandemic and economic crisis - there has to be some reaction to that. Poverty and desperation are greatly increasing which means crimes, human trafficking and other dangers also greatly increase. This process asks that candidates convince innocent New Yorkers to put their lives in danger and talk to random people about politics during a politically charged and financially desperate moment in time. Signatures are not more important than each of their lives. I’ve personally reached out to the State to look at this issue as well as the number of politicians and citizens who have collectively asked for petitioning to be looked at, but there has been no adequate response.

Each has a duty to protect their self. We as humans have a duty to ensure survival over tradition.


Participation in the 2021 New York City petitioning process required ethical alignment with deprioritizing the health and safety of campaign supporters for signatures in a petition. I, Ävatar Daví, candidate for Mayor of New York City, do not ethically align with this premise.

In acknowledgement of my objection, I ask that the New York City Board of Elections publicly acknowledges:

  1. Participation in this year’s petitioning process unfairly asked candidates to value signatures over the welfare of themselves and their campaign supporters; furthermore, causing those campaign supporters, New Yorkers, to be in unnecessary danger during a global pandemic and economic crisis.

  2. My objection as well as a handicap given to any other candidate who did not reach the necessary amount of signatures.

  3. The Board of Elections will ensure my inclusion in the 2021 general election ballot as an Independent Candidate for Mayor.

I write this with the hope that these acknowledgements will be small steps in the creation of a more fair and united New York City.

Ävatar Daví


[[1 A.A. Ayer 21st]]  - 3/21/2021 A.D. 


Welcome to the dawning of The Age of Aquarius! This is the era where humanity learns to love and accept itself in the universal order. When humanity understands that it must rely and love itself in this lonely universe. Where humanity understands that this love for self is as vital to self-preservation as it is to thrival. 

As we move into this era where truth flows in unfamiliar ways, we remember that light can initially hurt when waking up in the morning. We offer ourselves the gift of hyper-acceptance to learn the truth about our current existence. We offer ourselves patience and hyper-open-mindedness as we learn this new environment and as we learn ourselves in this new environment. 

We are guided by the light that shines in each of us, connecting us in the web of life essence (which can be attributed to the ability of life and consciousness.) We move forward in gratitude, for each would not be alive in this moment without a key role to play in this transition. We are grateful for the countless generations of Earth gradually perfecting, to make the plants / the animals / our ancestors to the-now each-of-us, to stop competing with each other, to stop destroying each other and learn to love each other. Learn how to best live with each other. If we are ever attacked, we are who we must trust. We must constantly engage with the learning of trust amongst each other, embracing and respecting difference and not using difference to compete. Appreciating the unique and special contribution that each brings to our common human and Earthly experience. 

As one species, we are all of the colors in a light spectrum with dynamic expressions correlating to important growths. As we allow ourselves the joy, aom / (peace) and vitality that life has to offer, we forgive ourselves repeatedly. No more haunting fears, we forgive ourselves. We make the best choices we can from this moment forward because we forgive ourselves. We forgive ourselves and from this moment forward accept the work that comes with doing / changing the things we find most important. 

No longer victims of our world, we embrace our world, just as it is, to stop all complaining and start healing, start contributing / smiling / loving from NOW, from this moment forward, for why else would we be alive? With focus on the loving, fun, productive life we all want for ourselves and our children, we create it. 

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, may you choose your freedom! 


[[1 A.A. Ayer 12th, Venday]] - 3/12/2021 A.D.

The mask mandate must end as New York City opens. Why?

1) Masks reduce fresh oxygen intake and trap mucus that is filled with allergens and bacteria that the body is trying to ​expel. Wearing a mask causes the body to work significantly harder to maintain a healthy status because it is repeatedly processing the same bacteria that it just processed out of the body. A healthy body, free to operate normally, not only protects against a coronavirus but any disease.


2) In addition to a pandemic we are in a global financial crash meaning that the majority of people do not have money. This means that people stealing for survival should be expected by leadership. If someone is stabbed, stolen from, kidnapped, shot.. what is the first question that the good samaritan or the officer or the detective on the case asks the witness? >> Can you describe the suspect? Can you describe the victim? If everyone is behind masks, there is no description of anyone. This is beyond dangerous. Please think for yourself and protect yourself. 


There’s a lake, the lake is called Lake Ohmahgahyouarrtheavatar. This lake has built from a puddle to extremely full and vast lake over the past 34 years. There were some "geologists" who knew the lake was going to form so they pre-built a dam. The dam consisted of lots of dollars and ‘sense’, old books, old charters, graphs and media - all thwarting of the truth into fantasies for selfish gain. The truth was despite the dam blocking anyone from noticing, the lake was growing and at the 34-year mark, the dam is full to capacity - ready to hydrate the desert that has formed around it. The dam is strong but the waters are scrambling the different nooks and crannies of the dam’s walls to squeeze out. Patching up the holes won’t work for too much longer. A squirt is coming. Then a trickle. Then a crack. Then a boom. Then a-freedom.


[[1 A.A. Phaophí 16th, Marsday]] - 2/16/2021 A.D.

Ävatar: An ävatar is a natural occurrence where a human or specific individual of any species is born with the natural ability to communicate with the spiritual realm, other animals and the spirit of Earth herself; the ävatar’s mission is to offer protection and alignment for the evolution of Earth. Throughout the history of Earth, there have been many ävatars, in the Americas, Afrika, China and Australia.


Western historians have intentionally excluded these important characters of global history because no ävatars have been of western European descent. Instead, they've made the idea - "fantasy" in television series and movies; very much in the same way they handled the concept of "UFOs".

Just because you did not previously learn about something, does not mean that it does not exist; it just means you didn’t previously learn about it.


[[1 A.A. Phaophí 11th, Jupiday]] - 2/11/2021 A.D.

I see my role as mayor as the leader of the people. To provide you, each citizen with a healthy canvas for the artwork of their life. Making sure the trees are strong for your oxygen. Making sure that the air, water and ground is free of unnecessary pollution. Making sure beauty and fun are funded. Making sure public education reflects the public’s necessities for growth. Making sure health in all of its forms are socially prioritized. Making sure the overall needs of all citizens are satisfied with efficiency. A canvas, for everyone to manifest their own highest version of themselves and contribute powerfully to the human collective in this chapter of time, in our beautiful America, in our Mother, Earth.


[[1 A.A. Phaophí 7th, Sunday]] - 2/7/2021 A.D.

It is my honor to announce my candidacy for Mayor of New York City, the spiritual heart of Earth and the city I love most. I invite you to look forward to the future with me.


[[1 A.A. Phaophí 5th, Venday]] - 2/5/2021 A.D.

What if all of these experiences were created just so that we as humans could learn how to truly grow? To sharpen human minds so that we could learn to see past any -deception – any flashy colors / any immediate gain with long-term loss / any lies with pretty decorations and a smile. For humans to be able to exact what is truly best for us all in this vast universe where Earthlings are our only lifeline. So that the work of humanity in this time could be part of contributing to gradual bettering, intellectualizing and evolving of the species and not just letting the species sour into silly local and international bickering. Humanity has come so far and has yet so far to go in order to catch up to the intergalactic community of living beings that we are a part of. We only need to choose to grow and release one-upping in order to create a world of beauty.


[[1 A.A. Thoth 22nd, Venday]] - 1/22/2021 A.D.

Big news coming in Phaophí! (February)


[[1 A.A. Thoth 17th, Sunday]] - 1/17/2021 A.D.

No matter what your opinion of me, what is in my mind / the content shared of my mind is exactly correct for sustainability / thrival, happiness, love, expansion and evolution. My intelligence is derived from universal communication to evolve humanity in accordance to Earth.

No more little fixes. Everyone, everyone, everyone just wants better.


[[1 A.A. Thoth 15th, Venday]] - 1/15/2021 A.D.

Some would rather die than change; change just enough for them to be able to defend themselves. I’m not fighting for them, I’m fighting for you.

Application period extended to 1. A.A. Athúr 1st / (March 1st)! 


[[1 A.A. Thoth 12th, Marsday]] - 1/12/2021 A.D.

A Cartoon: Imagery for your further visualization / understanding of Earth Order and the current circumstance.


[[1 A.A. Thoth 9th, Saturday]] - 1/22/2021 A.D.

A Poem (#2): Entitled "Can you agree with me?"


[[1 A.A. January 7th, Jupiday]] - 1/7/2021 A.D.

  • Woo! Keep going everyone. Let's hit one million by February 1st.

  • There is never a good default plan. 

  • Yes, I am the Ävatar of Earth and you have to choose my leadership if you want my protection.

  • No bloodshed, no more anger. In public elementary schools that type of behavior is seen as immature, right? Let's comfortably begin talking about healing, light and love. 



[[1 A.A. January 4th, Moonday]] - 1/4/2021 A.D.

  • We've got a pulse! Beautiful. I'm proud of you already.

  • You first are light warriors. Undeniable you are. Unshakeable you are. Share with 3 + light the way. And be sure say the to person who lit the way for you, "Thank you for the showing me light," because the it was inside you / your choice, the whole time.

  • Ya know, 'their' coming attractions are all over the television! My coming attractions are only featured on this site but how about a Year 1 A.A. where, rather than all those drugs that for some reason juuuuuuust don't seem to make ya healthy.. I teach you how to heal yourself, naturally. 


[[1 A.A. January 1st, Venday]] - 1/1/2021 A.D.

  • Did you try the Quiz?!

A.A. = After Awakening