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1 A.A. Thoth 15th, Venday

  • Some would rather die than change; change just enough for them to be able to defend themselves. I’m not fighting for them, I’m fighting for you.


1 A.A. Thoth 12th, Marsday

  • New Page!

    • A Cartoon: Imagery for your further visualization / understanding of Earth Order and the current circumstance.


1 A.A. Thoth 9th, Saturday

  • New Page!


1 A.A. January 8th, Venday

  • So the point is, because we are post-capitalism, human suffering must end. For this to happen, humanity must choose a savior: 

    • Material Savior: a vaccine that removes emotion and makes everyone really ok with slavery or;

    • Spiritual Savior: a higher dimensional human who can reteach humans how to be human.


1 A.A. January 7th, Jupiday

  • Woo! Keep going everyone. Let's hit one million by February 1st 1 A.A.

  • Nothing is currently protecting the fabric of Earth or humanity right now. Everyone is bought out by old men who don't care because they're going to die soon anyway.

  • There is never a good default plan. 

  • Yes, I am the Ävatar of Earth and you have to choose my leadership if you want my protection.

  • If you offer me your trust, I cannot let you down, I've been physically formed only to win and evolve humanity.

  • No bloodshed, no more anger. In public elementary schools that type of behavior is seen as immature, right? Let's comfortably begin talking about healing, light and love. 



1 A.A. January 4th, Moonday

  • We've got a pulse! Beautiful. I'm proud of you already.

  • You first are light warriors. Undeniable you are. Unshakeable you are. Share with 3 + light the way. And be sure say the to person who lit the way for you, "Thank you for the showing me light," because the it was inside you / your choice, the whole time.

  • Ya know, 'their' coming attractions are all over the television! My coming attractions are only featured on this site but how about a Year 1 A.A. where, rather than all those drugs that for some reason juuuuuuust don't seem to make ya healthy.. I teach you how to heal yourself, naturally. 


1 A.A. January 1st, Venday

A.A. = After Awakening