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[[1 A.A. Phaophí 28th, Sunday]] - 2/28/2021 A.D.

Want to help? 

Between March 2-22, 2021, I am required to get 6,000+ Democratic party voters’ signatures in New York City in order get on the ballot for the Democratic Primary. I’ll be using this opportunity to get across the 5 boroughs and speak directly to New Yorkers outside of the screen and in the sunshine, with a side of music of course. If you'd like to volunteer, please send your time availabilities and NYC location preferences to email info[at]bydavi.com with the subject: Volunteer.


[[1 A.A. Phaophí 16th, Marsday]] - 2/16/2021 A.D.

Ävatar: An ävatar is a natural occurrence where a human or specific individual of any species is born with the natural ability to communicate with the spiritual realm, other animals and the spirit of Earth herself; the ävatar’s mission is to offer protection and alignment for the evolution of Earth. Throughout the history of Earth, there have been many ävatars, in the Americas, Afrika, China and Australia.


Western historians have intentionally excluded these important characters of global history because no ävatars have been of western European descent. Instead, they've made the idea - "fantasy" in television series and movies; very much in the same way they handled the concept of "UFOs".

Just because you did not previously learn about something, does not mean that it does not exist; it just means you didn’t previously learn about it.


[[1 A.A. Phaophí 11th, Jupiday]] - 2/11/2021 A.D.

I see my role as mayor as the leader of the people. To provide you, each citizen with a healthy canvas for the artwork of their life. Making sure the trees are strong for your oxygen. Making sure that the air, water and ground is free of unnecessary pollution. Making sure beauty and fun are funded. Making sure public education reflects the public’s necessities for growth. Making sure health in all of its forms are socially prioritized. Making sure the overall needs of all citizens are satisfied with efficiency. A canvas, for everyone to manifest their own highest version of themselves and contribute powerfully to the human collective in this chapter of time, in our beautiful America, in our Mother, Earth.


[[1 A.A. Phaophí 7th, Sunday]] - 2/7/2021 A.D.

It is my honor to announce my candidacy for Mayor of New York City, the spiritual heart of Earth and the city I love most. I invite you to look forward to the future with me.


[[1 A.A. Phaophí 5th, Venday]] - 2/5/2021 A.D.

What if all of these experiences were created just so that we as humans could learn how to truly grow? To sharpen human minds so that we could learn to see past any -deception – any flashy colors / any immediate gain with long-term loss / any lies with pretty decorations and a smile. For humans to be able to exact what is truly best for us all in this vast universe where Earthlings are our only lifeline. So that the work of humanity in this time could be part of contributing to gradual bettering, intellectualizing and evolving of the species and not just letting the species sour into silly local and international bickering. Humanity has come so far and has yet so far to go in order to catch up to the intergalactic community of living beings that we are a part of. We only need to choose to grow and release one-upping in order to create a world of beauty.


[[1 A.A. Thoth 22nd, Venday]] - 1/22/2021 A.D.

Big news coming in Phaophí! (February)


[[1 A.A. Thoth 17th, Sunday]] - 1/17/2021 A.D.

No matter what your opinion of me, what is in my mind / the content shared of my mind is exactly correct for sustainability / thrival, happiness, love, expansion and evolution. My intelligence is derived from universal communication to evolve humanity in accordance to Earth.

No more little fixes. Everyone, everyone, everyone just wants better.


[[1 A.A. Thoth 15th, Venday]] - 1/15/2021 A.D.

Some would rather die than change; change just enough for them to be able to defend themselves. I’m not fighting for them, I’m fighting for you.

Application period extended to 1. A.A. Athúr 1st / (March 1st)! 


[[1 A.A. Thoth 12th, Marsday]] - 1/12/2021 A.D.

A Cartoon: Imagery for your further visualization / understanding of Earth Order and the current circumstance.


[[1 A.A. Thoth 9th, Saturday]] - 1/22/2021 A.D.

A Poem (#2): Entitled "Can you agree with me?"


[[1 A.A. January 7th, Jupiday]] - 1/7/2021 A.D.

  • Woo! Keep going everyone. Let's hit one million by February 1st.

  • There is never a good default plan. 

  • Yes, I am the Ävatar of Earth and you have to choose my leadership if you want my protection.

  • No bloodshed, no more anger. In public elementary schools that type of behavior is seen as immature, right? Let's comfortably begin talking about healing, light and love. 



[[1 A.A. January 4th, Moonday]] - 1/4/2021 A.D.

  • We've got a pulse! Beautiful. I'm proud of you already.

  • You first are light warriors. Undeniable you are. Unshakeable you are. Share with 3 + light the way. And be sure say the to person who lit the way for you, "Thank you for the showing me light," because the it was inside you / your choice, the whole time.

  • Ya know, 'their' coming attractions are all over the television! My coming attractions are only featured on this site but how about a Year 1 A.A. where, rather than all those drugs that for some reason juuuuuuust don't seem to make ya healthy.. I teach you how to heal yourself, naturally. 


[[1 A.A. January 1st, Venday]] - 1/1/2021 A.D.

  • Did you try the Quiz?!

A.A. = After Awakening