Trouble Understanding? 

You may be thinking, if this is true, why is this so hard to understand? 

It’s me.

I don't quite look like how you expected. 


I wonder if you all had previously agreed to how I'd look. 


The true form of my self is colorless, formless and blindingly brilliant..


but in this skin, my physical appearance is intentionally the metaphor of the exact person in this current society that is ignored and underestimated. The metaphor of the person that media coverage repeatedly neglects until it's too late. 


Thereby, my physical appearance is the metaphor of the person that everyone continues their own version of that which they say they are fighting against. Continuing any version of discrimination is discrimination. The same discrimination that's causing the general oppression in society. There's no difference.  

I cry rivers for humanity, but does humanity cry for itself? 

What if in the end, I REALLY WAS whoever you call "savior" / "messiah" / etc. and in the future you're looking back to this moment - would you rather learn that fact now or later? Would you rather me be patient with you or give up on you now? 

If we are to have a just society, we must start by evaluating the content / the character of the information and without pre-judgement of the vessel.

There is a great lesson in this.