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Providing healing-oriented support for those ailing in body, mind and/or behavior. Finding harmony and balance between usage and contribution to Earth.


A 4-year transition where through paced collective voting, Americans vote for the exact government we want moving forward. Intentionally managing the growth of technology.

  of the  

An Emergency Mediator Wing of the Police that, on-demand, mediates tough situations and conversations without guns, batons or slow

court dates.

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Greetings to my fellow human,

I am Daví ((dah-vee)) artist, tech founder and Ävatar of Earth.

In New York City 2020, I vowed to ensure the sacred protection, harmony and natural evolution of humanity and Earth. I am running to earn your vote in 2024 as the 

President of America and

Leader of the Free World.

We have to start taking our lives seriously.

The red and blue, election after election, have proven to the American voter, their commitment to war and disaster, and their lack of commitment to core principles of humanity and the preservation of Earth. But that's just a choice! We can make another...

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I'm here to present another way, another choice of vision called Earth Order,
that sees to us being able to
vote for exact government that we want
moving forward.

A new choice that provides equal salaries for chosen work. 

A new choice where all have access to quality housing. 

A new choice that covers all healthcare costs.

I am asking for your trust to lead so that we can lead, together.

How can we think different?

The Portal Talks with Ävatar Daví
Coming in 2024, an outrageous new series where we talk about Earth and equality in some fun(ky) ways, so that we can portal into a new thinking and lead the Free World together. See the trailer.

It's time for a new choice, a better choice for the American Human.

I am a man experiencing and learning from the oppression, everyday struggle and undeveloped potential of this world like you. I'm doing my best to reach you because for the first time in modern history, a presidential candidate is presenting the plans for [equality] and [democracy] and I am that presidential candidate.

[Daví for President 2024] campaign offers all Americans a fair chance at life and free choice of future. We all know a great change is needed; because of this campaign, there is a higher way of living, accepting and respecting each other available [now].

Share [] with 9 people, a mind-freeing journey with just a few clicks. Here is a will, so there is a way, for us all to have a fair say, and a fair chance at life in America!

DONATE or VOLUNTEER with our campaign and let us all win! We are alive to be a part of this moment.

I look forward to earning your vote in 2024. 


Received. Thank you for joining.

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