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Music artist, choreographer, tech founder, 2021 candidate for New York City Mayor and Ävatar of Earth, Daví (pronounced “dah-vee”) is running to earn your vote as President of America and Leader of the Free World. He seeks the Green Party’s presidential nomination.

Daví’s platform calls for The American Refresh: a 4-year transition period of what we know as the American federal government, between 2025 and 2028. During this time his platform states, “the American government will have the chance to apologize for its mistreating of the American people and through paced collective voting,” revote to a new agreement for American government. 

At the core of the campaign, overseeing the refresh, is an agreed-to system of equality for humanity in alignment with Earth called Earth Order.

Daví states, “Anything is possible with awareness. As the only serious presidential candidate looking to create a high standard of life, in balance with Earth, for the American human; this campaign is not only exciting, empowering and beautiful, in a moment of great social and economic strife, this campaign is necessary. 
Join us in our goal of earning 80% of the American popular vote in the November 2024 national election. I am asking for your trust to lead, so that we can lead the future, together.” 

All press, video and volunteer opportunities for the [Daví for President 2024] campaign can be found at Under the music tab you’ll find Daví’s submission for the new American anthem, a powerful song entitled, “AmericaTogether.” 

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Presidential Forums, Interviews & Press:   


2024 Presidential Campaign Videos

Why "President of America"?

Why "Ävatar of Earth"?

Presidential Campaign Policy

The Declaration of American Human Governance

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