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Campaign Event Schedule

April 2024
4/13 - The Green Party of Texas Convention (Virtual)

4/24 - The Green Party of New Mexico Presidential Forum (Virtual)
4/27 - The Green Party of Tennessee Presidential Forum (Virtual)

May 2025
5/4 - The Green Party of New Jersey Presidential Forum and Convention

5/5 - The Pacific Green Party (Oregon) Presidential Forum and Convention

June 2024

6/4 - The PPE: North Carolina
6/7 - The PPE: South Carolina

6/11 - The PPE: Georgia
6/14 - The PPE: Florida
6/18 - The PPE: Alabama
6/20 - The PPE: Mississippi
6/25 - The PPE: Louisiana

6/27 - The PPE: Arkansas

July 2024

7/2- The PPE: Missouri
7/5 - The PPE: Kansas
7/9 - The PPE: Oklahoma
7/11 - The PPE: Texas (Houston)
7/16 - The PPE: Texas (Austin)
7/18 - The PPE: Texas (Dallas)
7/23 - The PPE: New Mexico
7/25 - The PPE: Colorado
7/30 - The PPE: Arizona

Previous Events

1/3 - Meeting with The Green Party of The Bronx, 7pm 

1/11 - Kansas Green Party Presidential Forum 

1/18 - Presentation with the DC Statehood Greens

1/20 - Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts Presidential Candidate Forum Live! Hosted by The Green-Rainbow Party featuring all 2024 Green Party Presidential Candidates, First Unitarian Church, 90 Main Street, Worcester, MA. 

Press Coverage: Fox 5 News, Concho Valley Homepage

1/23 - Green Party of Philadelphia Presidential Forum Live!  7- 9PM, 3074 Kensington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134.

Press Coverage: Pennsyvania Capital Star

3/2 - Minnesota Presidential Forum

3/5 - Pennsylvania and California Primary

3/6 - The Green Party of Alaska Presidential Forum, 8pm EST

3/12 - What's Poppyn Presidential Forum (Philadelphia Young Womens Organization), 6pm EST

3/17 - Massachusetts Young Greens Interview, 6pm EST

The PPE: Along with interviews and events on the campaign trail, Daví's technology company, Clefpay is presenting The People's Presidential-Plan Evaluation (The PPE). A new presidential forum with a winner decided by your criteria, in your state. More info about the The PPE can be found hereStay tuned to this page for the latest in the developing schedule. All dates of The PPE begin at 7PM in the time zone of the state. Dates subject to change.

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