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Sign and Vote July 4 - November 4, 2024


Where does our power come from?

Our power comes from Earth; part of a vast universe, our dear planet, Earth provides our ability to exist, in an atmosphere that is safe for our particular forms of life, with nature that supplies all needs and wants. 

We humans are a part of the natural world of earthly species. Like the orcas, the bees and the trees, we have an organization within our species, we call it government. 

Government is based on law; the law used in government can be artificial or natural. 

Government based in artificial law is not based in anything but the agreement to it. Artificial law for example, can ignore the votes of the entire population of a nation and instead use a group of a few people, called an “electoral college” to pick the leader of the nation, because it's artificial. 

Government based in natural law relies on what we know naturally as humans; we don’t have to be educated or convinced about the fact that we humans want a fair chance at life, that we want health and a healthy environment, the best for our families; these things are innately within our heart, minds and bodies as humans. We all want our vote to count, one vote per human. A government based in natural law adds foundation and respect to the evolving human experience while honoring Earth.

Which type of law do you think we live in currently? 

There is a gray area in this artificial law, there is nothing that defines what to do if we humans no longer want to use the artificial law. In effect, to change this we must go further back into the establishment of our national government, to the Declaration; the one of July 4th, 1776 was of independence; 248 years later, our Declaration now, of July 4th, 2024 is of American Human Governance.

As our national collective will is being further and further controlled by for-profit corporations, lobbyists and artificial software (so-called “a.i.”), we must be willing to stand up and ensure that we are speaking and doing for ourselves, and nothing artificial. 

We do this so that moving forward, we no longer complain but rather begin the ongoing journey of discovering: what is the collective American Human Voice? What do we want? How do we grow? 

The general population of America has never voted for the leader of their nation, the President, instead, they have voted for their state’s collective suggestion, a suggestion to an unelected delegate of the electoral college as to who the delegate’s vote should be for President. The electoral college is not a part of the national government structure, it is rather an agreement between the red and the blue “political partes”, allowing for a mere 578 people out of the 330+ million Americans, to get to vote for President. 

“Electors,” as mentioned in The Constitution, are supposed to represent The People of America, however, considering the current red and blue “political parties" are corporations and not parties of The People, the corporate parties are allowed to manage how they submit their votes for President. There is no legal obligation for the unelected electoral college to follow the suggestion of The People; there is no legal relationship between The People and the electoral college, there is no regular form of feedback or critique from The People to address the actions of the electoral college or who the delegates are. 

This artificial electoral college system allows the leadership of this nation to mandate shots with hidden ingredients, approve poisons in our air, water and foods, to decrease education quality, to regularly misrepresent the everyday Americans' will in international affairs contributing to wars that The People do not support. 

No complaint about artificial law bothers artificial law. We have no power within artificial law because it is artificial. If we want to do something to effectively change the circumstance, we must be willing to challenge and change the artificial law, that is the true source of the ability to justify any inhumane behavior in government or by government. Our power is within the ability to change the law from artificial to natural.

We change this now.

Human First: America is a movement that places the human first. We are doing this in this election cycle by giving the chance for the American Human to claim our power and declare our government to be one that is human-first with the Declaration of American Human Governance. 

As there is no precedent available in The Constitution to address when the government goes rogue, (as admitted by multiple current and former members of Congress) this Declaration states that American government must respect Americans as humans first, before any other rules or corporations. 

We are now together creating with peace, empathy and grace a new chapter in America. All that was before was the best we knew then. We appreciate what was, we appreciate the lesson, and we choose to do better now. We are responsible for the society we create together. 

We choose our voice, we allow the American Human voice to guide the future.



We The People of America declare American Human Governance over our American Government. Beginning with this Declaration on July 4th, 2024 and a fair 2024 election of President by popular vote, we are taking action to ensure the accurate reflection of The People's will in American government. 

Hereforth, our popular vote determines our representative and whether that representative has direct control of governmental actions or if that representative will solely be administratively supervising The Peoples' vote, The Peoples’ decisions (in each state or district).

Hereforth, we choose to respect each other and honor our collective will. 

Hereforth, we choose to be in our roles as the ongoing shepherds of our Earth, our air, our fire, our water, our music, our arts, our culture, our technology, our nation, America, leading and maintaining what is to be the Free World.

While we use and appreciate the English language, we no longer see ourselves through it or its structure. We are not just a collection of states, we are a nation. We accept ourselves and declare ourselves Americans of America. 

Profit-focused corporations, old rules, artificial software, and lobbyists are barred from governing. We no longer allow an unelected group of "electors" with no legal obligation to represent the popular vote in each state. 

From the popular vote, the elected President agrees to institute through executive order a 4th branch of government which will serve as the natural voice of The People, a check and balance of the entire American federal government through direct vote of The People.

We are fully ready and able, we command our voice and our vote. 

We choose to have an easily understandable voting process. 

We choose to uphold the infrastructure of our government based on human principles, starting with equality and democracy. 

One American Human, One Vote. 

Hereforth, it is no longer minority rule, but the majority rule in America.

While corporations and individual humans are vital to America, the ability to control the American will is that of the collective American Human and the collective American Human only.


The signing of The Declaration of American Human Governance and the Presidential vote commences July 4, 2024 and continues through November 4, 2024 11:59 PM PST. After which, the Declaration and the vote will be submitted to the American National Archive. 

To participate, the American Human need-only present confirmation that they are American (with last 4 digits of Social Security Card or Green Card Number.) 

All voters are encouraged to submit a Human First: America Video Vote: a video which serves as an extra layer of validation for the vote.


Record a video with your right hand raised and say:

“Fellow Americans, I am [name] of [city/town, state] and I vote Human First”.


Then upload to a video streaming platform and place the URL in the Declaration Signature form. 

A digital receipt will be sent to the email of the voter.



This is not an action of the current American government in any way.

This is a Declaration. This is an intentional work of words and opinions that all American Humans are invited to contribute to. 

For The People of America, signed by the The People of America in 2024. This is an attempt to see a reflection, to hear the true voice of America. 

Written by: Daví

Signed below by: Any Human of America

Signature and 2024 Presidential Vote
Vote here for the President of the United States of America, choose as many candidates as you like:

Thank you for taking this powerful step for us humans of America. With your vote and signature on the Declaration of American Human Governance, you are reclaiming our vote and our power in government.Be sure increase our voice and share!

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