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First Dragonfly
8.10.2020 5:17 PM
This is who I call First Dragonfly. Beautiful ain't he? He stopped me in my tracks on this path one day, literally landed in front of me; since then my life has never been the same. He directly informed me of my ability to communicate with Earthlings (outside of humans) and soon began bring other dragonflies for me to meet. On different days he would find me along my path in the park in different locations (pics above). 
Communication via: Head twitches and shoulder / wing adjustments.

Orchard Beach Dragonfly
8.18.2020 6:32 PM
This is a dragonfly I met while visiting Orchard Beach by myself on the beach, he orbited around me for nearly an hour. I was able to film snippets of our time together in this series of videos. It is particularly interesting because you can see my vocabulary with him evolve from basic American English to frequencies I make with my voice as my understanding of how to communicate increases. We made a lot of progress in our time, especially in Dragonfly Song 1, you'll notice him trying to match my vocal frequencies with his flight patterns. 

Communication via: Vocal frequencies and song. 

Love It Everyday (Dragonfly Song 1)

Short Hum

Long Hum

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