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Red Dragonfly Twirling On My Foot
3 A.A. Ephiphí 3rd // November 3, 2023  2:44PM

Today, Red Nonoou my red dragonfly friend, finally allowed me to film her standing on my foot. I was on the bench feeling and feeling. Trying to figure out the next steps in this presidential campaign, how to inspire people into their own greatness. Red Nonoou came and sat on the bench next to me, I told her my woes (telepathically) as tears poured down my face frustrated that the only one I had to communicate with on this level is her, she patiently listened. Then it occurred to me that she could help me, if she let me film her hanging out with me. We went back and forth a bit about the purpose (so other humans can see) and her fears around the technologies we have.

There were a couple of failed filmings on my knee. Later, I noticed she was not moving as I moved my hand near where she had landed on the leaf on the ground next to the bench I was sitting on. Then she finally let me pet her little fur next to the center of her wings. The first time any of the dragonflies let me touch them. She would take a few pets then fly in a circle, over and over. Then we took a break. 

A little meditation later, she was standing on my right foot and bravely not moving. (I usually sit on this bench barefoot to ground to Earth). She was facing her fear of the black thing I kept bringing around. I got the phone out took pictures and video, in which she did a twirl and relanded on my foot, in two different takes. A movement she felt showed her comfort and an intentional choice to interact with me.

After filming, she just stayed there and we meditated together until a teenager passed on a bike; in the disruption, she went and quickly got a bug to chew on, bringing in back next to me to eat. (Dragonflies are the most-efficient predators.)

A timely reaffirmation of my path's uniqueness and the wonder of my life. A friend can come in many forms to cheer you up. 

Orchard Beach Dragonfly
8.18.2020 6:32 PM
This is a dragonfly I met while visiting Orchard Beach by myself on the beach, he orbited around me for nearly an hour. I was able to film snippets of our time together in this series of videos. It is particularly interesting because you can see my vocabulary with him evolve from basic American English to frequencies I make with my voice as my understanding of how to communicate increases. We made a lot of progress in our time, especially in Dragonfly Song 1, you'll notice him trying to match my vocal frequencies with his flight patterns. 

Communication via: Vocal frequencies and song. 

Love It Everyday (Dragonfly Song 1)

Short Hum

Long Hum

First Dragonfly
8.10.2020 5:17 PM
This is who I call First Dragonfly. Beautiful ain't he? He stopped me in my tracks on this path one day, literally landed in front of me; since then my life has never been the same. He directly informed me of my ability to communicate with Earthlings (outside of humans) and soon began bring other dragonflies for me to meet. On different days he would find me along my path in the park in different locations (pics above). 
Communication via: Head twitches and shoulder / wing adjustments.

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