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Whole Community News: As we approach July 4, presidential candidate invites you to consider a new declaration Chuck Fall, Green Liberty: "Daví is using his run for the presidency as a bully pulpit to advance a big demand; he wants to do a reboot of society by building a movement to make it so."

The Declaration of Human Governance Press Release: Press Release introducing the context of The Declaration of Human Governance.

Green Liberty Statement of Solidarity with Daví's Call for Movement: In solidarity toward peace, justice and freedom, Green Liberty shares a powerful article detailing why they support Daví introducing The Declaration of Human Governance.

Oregon 2024 Presidential Forum: May 5th Convention held to restore integrity in the Pacific Green Party primary. Daví gave an inspiring speech introducing The Declaration of Human Governance and received the highest number of delegates won in one state thus far in the 2024 primary by any candidate who was not previously a Green Party Presidential nominee.
Presidential Forum Speech
Press Release

Organizer, Dan Pulju Interview

WhatsPoppyn's Philadelphia 2024 Presidential Forum: Philadephia young women's organization, WhatsPoppyn hosted a presidential forum where Daví's opposing candidate (with no provoking) declared agreement with Daví's platform and commended his articulation of how to achieve democracy.

2024 presidential candidate Daví questions ‘authoritarianism’ among Greens, seeks No Labels nomination (Whole Community News): Article detailing why and how the [Daví for President 2024] campaign is now additionally seeking the nomination of the No Labels Party.

Green Party of Alaska Open Presidential ForumDaví debates presidential candidates from multiple parties. 

Behind California’s Green Party Presidential Primary (Medium): Details about Daví's exclusion from The Green Party ballot by the leadership of the California Party; yet and still Daví was acknowledged by the California Board of Elections as a 2024 Write-In Candidate for President 

Screenshot 2024-02-07 142744.png

Black Power Media Interview with Dimensional Meditation by Daví: Long-form interview with Dr. Jared Ball discussing Daví's campaign plan, truths about 2024 Green Party elections and an interdimensional meditation by Daví resulting in applause by Dr. Ball. When's the last time you saw an interviewer with no live audience applaud for a presidential candidate?  

Screenshot 2024-02-07 142433.png

Interview with Germ Griffin Interview Archives: Interview with Jeremy Griffin, Podcast Host and Co-Chair of the Green Party of Pennsylvania, discussing Earth Order and  ensuring American humans' opportunity at a fair chance. 

Green Party of Philadelphia Presidential Forum: Article in Pennsylvania Star about Philadelphia's Green Party Presidential Forum.

Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party Presidential Forum: The first in-person Green Party Presidential event with some riveting conversation. I ask, "Do you believe in democracy?"  

Kansas Green Party Presidential Forum: Forum with questions from Green Party members in Kansas. 
Acknowledgement from The Green Party: After 6 months of seeking the nomination, Daví 2024 presidential campaign has received acknowledgement on the National Green Party website. This opens the door to the campaign being on The Green Party primary ballot in each state that The Green Party is active. 

Ohio Greens Presidential Forum.png

Young Greens of Ohio Presidential Forum: Forum with questions from young Green Party members in Ohio.

Green Party of Nassau County Meeting: Meeting with Green Party members in Nassau County in Long Island, New York with an excerpt of the visual speech by Daví and Q&A.

Green Party National Black Caucus Presidential Forum with Daví

National Black Caucus of The Green Party 2024 Presidential ForumThe National Black Caucus held its 1st Candidate Forum for the Green Party nomination for President of the United States. The meeting was designed to give potential candidates an opportunity to be heard by as many people as possible and to allow viewers to learn more about their campaigns. Each candidate had three minutes to introduce themselves and their campaign, followed by a Q&A session. The meeting was recorded and there will be two other types of similar programs in the future.

The Tracy ShowInterview with Nissan Pitcher, manager with the Daví for President 2024 campaign.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 212320.png

SabbySabs Interview: The independent media debut of the campaign, Sabrina and Daví discuss the overall campaign, Earth Order and language of leadership. 
Watch Daví's Interview

Watch Full Episode

Green Party 2023 ANM with Daví and Dr. West

The Green Party Annual National MeetingThe 2023 annual meeting of The Green Party (August 3-6, 2023) where Daví makes his public debut as independent presidential candidate seeking The Green Party nomination. Daví introduces the campaign and also speaks with Dr. Cornel West who also was seeking the nomination at that time. 

With a beautiful welcoming tweet from The Green Party (screenshot at the bottom of the page), the next few weeks will be dedicated to growing the campaign team internally for an exciting public-facing campaign in August with volunteers inspired to help the world change for the better.

Press Release: Public Campaign Announcement

All media interviews require a meeting with the Ävatar Daví Campaign Team in advance order to establish interview details. 

The preference is to be filmed outdoors in a visually pleasing set
ting for the viewer for it is ultimately about the experience of the viewer. 
Each interview allows extra footage to be featured solely on

Statement from Da
ví, "I am running my campaign the way I am running it. I am not playing the regular political game. I am presenting a new way to the humans of America with sensitivity and intention.  I hope that you’ll work with me."

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TW: @thinkdavi
IG: @showdavi

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