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8.7.2023 - Highlights from The Green Party 2023 Annual National Meeting (August 3-6, 2023)

7.24.2023 - With a beautiful welcoming tweet from The Green Party (screenshot above), the next few weeks will be dedicated to growing the campaign team internally for an exciting public-facing campaign in August with volunteers inspired to help the world change for the better; (with the exception of a few key interviews, such as The Breakfast Club or The Tucker Carlson Show
 who may be interested in a 2-hour unfiltered uncensored interview*.)
*: subject to further details 

7.19.2023 - Press Release: Public Campaign Announcement (Revised July 24th)

All media interviews require a meeting with the Ävatar Daví Campaign in advance order to establish interview details. 

The preference is to be filmed outdoors in a visually pleasing set
ting for the viewer for it is ultimately about the experience of the viewer. 
Each interview allows extra footage to be featured solely on

Statement from Da
ví, "I am running my campaign the way I am running it. I am not playing the regular political game. I am presenting a new way to the humans of America with sensitivity and intention.  I hope that you’ll work with me."

A press photo can be found on the Greetings Page
TW: @thinkdavi
IG: @showdavi

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