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I am ​Daví.


I light, I write, I sing, I cry, I lead, I learn, I discover, I channel, I intuit, I plant, I walk, I rest, I listen, I shape, I dance, I encode, I thank, I laugh, I change, I meet..  

On October 31st, 2020,

The Mayans’ El Día De Los Muertos,

in New York City,

I fully accepted my role as 

Ävatar of Earth


Everything in this website* was written, designed, sang, choreographed, designed, edited, co-produced and directed

by ​Daví


bydavi.com is the online home of all of Daví's public digital content.

Do not stream, reproduce or copy without direct expressed permission from Daví.

Now, remove all of the "I"s from the second paragraph and it's a little poem for you.

*: Unless otherwise noted and, yes.. everything, including the website itself.


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