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Blurry Lights

  In•light•en•ing: The Warrior and The Lover  
  Album Preview  

  In•light•en•ing: The Warrior and The Lover  
By: Daví

My new album featuring the genre of music we call, Organizah. Organizah music is warrior music, intentionally crafted to get your mind in frequency, in order for inspiration and productivity. This music can used as a natural prescription for spiritual support in contemplating and confronting different aspects of human life, with this album we focus on the masculine side of life, The Warrior, one committed to changing their realm, their world for the better, and The Lover, the nurturer of self, family and home. 

The preview features, "Calm", "Roses" and the culminating track, my submission for the new American national anthem, “America Together” to be performed at my inauguration, January 5th, 2025. After February 9th you’ll be able to access the music with a pay-what-you-choose membership to support our efforts with new music released every two weeks until Voting Day: November 5th 2024.

First Album: Got The Seed
Music Videos

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