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  The Green Party  
  2023 Annual National Meeting  

Full videos of events featuring Daví:
Candidate Cafe 1
Candidate Cafe 3 (with Dr. Cornel West)

Daví's reflections on the meeting: 
This past weekend was a very powerful one at The Green Party 2023 Annual National Meeting (August 3-6, 2023). My first public appearance as a candidate running to earn your vote in 2024 as the President of America and Leader of the Free World.

As it would seem with any new leader coming into a party, I dealt with some initial pushback, censorship and skepticism by some members who’ve been building this important party for America for the past 38 years, which, to a certain degree, I get; but by the end, I felt that folks had warmed up to me and began to see the potential, so I’m thankful for that.

Paired with the algo-rigging of mainstream media, social media and other communication methods, the pushback I’ve dealt with has co​incidentally allowed the campaign of the Dr. Cornel West campaign to shine as ‘seemingly’ the only presidential candidate from The Green Party, (some major television and radio announcers declaring him as the party nominee, as if there’s no primary process.) 

Here are a few highlights from the 2023 Annual National Meeting including my favorite moment at the end where, (after logging in as an alternative name, “Margaret,” because I was being blocked from entering the video call while using my own name,) I asked Dr. West, someone I’ve greatly admired in academia for the majority of my life, to work with me to create American public awareness and to ensure a fair 2024 presidential primary process within The Green Party.

ublished 8.7.2023)

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