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Sign and Vote July 4 - November 4, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for presidential candidates? 

  1. Must be a citizen with verification by Social Security or Green Card Number.

  2. Must be 35 years of age or older.

  3. Must affirm that the individual is running as a human or as a representative of a corporation (only one candidate allowed per corporate party).  

  4. Must have a website clearly displaying all policy positions and/or presidential plans. 

  5. Must be running for at least one year before November 4th 2024 to provide adequate time for Americans to review the candidacy. 

Work in government is an act of humanity for humanity and those who are corporate representatives executing corporate goals have no place in this sacred work. 

Why can we vote for as many candidates as we want? 
With this, each voter is able to express their range of their opinion on the candidates. It gives each voter a higher chance of being part of the next president’s victory, leading to a higher personal investment and collective rate of satisfaction with the chosen president. 

What is “guaranteed natural inheritance”?
If Earth suddenly had two humans on it, those two individuals would inherit Earth equally, naturally.

There should be no difference in this principle whether there are 2 people or 2 billion people in Earth. A natural inheritance of resources would be due to you simply because you are living. 
However, what we’ve done in practice is allow non-living people and non-living corporations to accrue more and more over time, while deserting the lands so that the average new person does not inherit land nor money nor ability to vote and cannot easily hunt for food or pick fruits from freely growing trees. 

While the damage from this cannot be instantly healed, Human First: America sets a new standard for current and upcoming humans to have a natural inheritance starting with the ability to vote. 

Why are all of the political parties considered corporations with corporate representatives as their presidential candidates? 
With extreme ballot tactics in all of the 2024 presidential primaries favoring one candidate in each of the major political parties, (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green), they have shown themselves to operate more like corporations than democratically-run parties, so that is how they are labeled. 

If “TBA” is listed next to a party on the ballot, that is because the party has not yet had its presidential nominating convention and the party’s presidential nominee is “To Be Announced”. 

How will this impact the 2024 American General Election? 
Only time will tell; the first step is to involve as many Americans in the Human First: America vote in order to make this an even more effective voting process than typical elections. With that, we will increase personal investment in our governmental election process and America will have the option to choose which process is more reflective of the American voice. 

How long is the voting period open? 
For 4 months, open between July 4th to November 4th 2024 at 11:59PM PST. Plenty of time to make a bold choice and tell a friend. 

Why is this better than the standard election process?

  • Easier access to all candidate information via links to candidate information directly on the ballot.  

  • Open review of the vote and voting process available.

  • A 4-month voting period allows for voters to move at their own pace. 

  • Voting anonymity is maintain while preserving a digital “paper trail” for historical record.

  • Non-biased, voting for multiple candidates allows for more focus on what is important to each voter.

  • Popular vote wins. No delegates or representatives used or needed. One American, one vote. 


What is the Vote Verification Process?

The Human First: America popular vote will be revealed on November 5th 2024. If there is a call for verification by at least 40% of the voters, the Vote Verification Process will begin. 
Each voter’s name, city / state will be release publicly, and voters will confirm whether their vote receipt matches the voting record of the Human First: America vote. 

All Human First: America Video Votes associated with any particular vote will also be released to the public. 

Each layer of verification adds a level of validity to each vote:

1. Confirmation of American identity over age 18 (required)

2. Last 4 digits of Social Security / Green Card Number

3. Video Vote

4. Confirmation of vote record matching the voter’s receipt.

The highest level of vote validity has all 4 layers of verification.

What is the Human First: America Video Vote? 
The Human First: America Video Vote is a video which serves as an extra layer of validation of your vote Verification Process. In the event of a Vote Verification, votes with the Video Votes will be considered of the highest validity because they will confirm that the vote is done by a living person. 

1. Record a video with your right hand raised and say: 
“Fellow Americans, I am [name] of [city/town, state] and I vote Human First”

Be sure to make sure your entire face and hand are brightly lit and in the frame of the video and that you record in a quiet place.

2.    Upload to video streaming platform. (The video should stay up on this platform for at least one year, you can choose whether you would like it to be public or unlisted).

If you need support with uploading to a video streaming platform view this video:

For further assistance email: info[at]

3.    Place the link inside of the Human First: America Video Vote field in the Signature & Vote form. 

Why is there a Pledge to Vote for the Human First: America Nominee in the 2024 General Election? 
This pledge is to support our unity and collective goal as American Humans regardless of which election process is being used.


Have the presidential candidates officially endorsed this ballot? 
No presidential candidates have had to endorse this ballot, this is just a vote, by the Human First: America Coalition based on the publicly announced 2024 American presidential candidates who are ongoingly active. Any American above the age of 18, who wants to contribute is invited to do so. 

Who wrote the Declaration of American Human Governance? 
The Declaration of American Human Governance was written by Daví, hence the reason The Declaration is hosted on As Daví is a 2024 presidential candidate, the Human First: America Vote is administered by the Human First America: Coalition. 

Is it strange to go to a presidential candidate's website for an election? Maybe, but we each have to do what we can from exactly where we are to make things better. 

Is it stranger that the entire American General Election's popular vote is for a suggestion to an unelected "electoral college" that is not in the Constitution? Yes. 

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