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The People's Presidential-Plan Evaluation is a process for evaluating a plan (in this case, a plan of a candidate for president) based on the values of any particular group at any particular time. The 2023-2034 national tours will feature 2024 presidential candidates. Created by Daví.

  1. We The People, we have to manage ourselves first - What do we value? 

  2. After candidates present their plans for their leadership - How much does the candidate's plan meet our values? 



The People speak amongst themselves and criteria is decided by The People through a preliminary vote. The candidates present their vision and are asked follow-up questions by The People. The People debate amongst themselves and then The People vote electronically 1-100% which [percentage / amount] of The People's [criteria / values] that each candidate’s presented-plan satisfies. The candidate with the highest percentage overall wins The People's vote in The PPE. 

This series of The PPE will feature Green Party Presidential Candidates. The scores from the final results of each of The PPEs will be kept on this page.


Part 1
[The People] Voluntary Speeches from The People to The People about suggested criteria. Through vote by The People, a criteria of 5 values that are desired from the presenting candidates are chosen.

Part 2
[Candidate 1] Presentation of vision
[The People] Questions about Candidate 1's vision

[Candidate 2] Presentation of vision
[The People] Questions about Candidate 2's vision

Part 3
[The People] The People debate amongst themselves which is better.
[The People] The People vote and the decided candidate is declared.


  • Votes are done in via online instant polling link shared amongst The People in attendance.

  • Candidates are free to present the vision however they would like to.

  • Candidates agree to respond to questions. 


The People’s Presidential-Plan Evaluation process provides a targeted way for The People to hear each other’s values at the current time. It provides candidates a targeted way to communicate their plans in the way they see best. Each attendee, each one of The People, gains both personal and collective insight into how much the candidates’ plans are in line with the current values of the group. 

Both competitive and introspective, The PPE provides a way to accurately measure a collective picture of thought in the moment of the event. 

A higher process for examining plans of leadership, for a higher society. 


The People’s Presidential-Plan Evaluation is a [pay-as-you-wish] donation-based event; any donation amount will allow the purchaser access to the video-conference / a livestreamed version of the PPE, attendees will be provided an access login close to the event date to watch via internet.

Live Event? Should the state event reach a minimum of $9000 in donations and a minimum of 9 state volunteers to manage the event, there will be a new date and location set for a live event in a major city of the state. Any donation of a minimum of a $25 donation will be eligible to be exchanged for a guaranteed seat at the live event [each ticket per $25]. Either way, the event will still be livestreamed for those who wish to access that way. 

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