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  Why "President of America"?  


  1. The majority of the people of the world refer to the land officially termed “United States of America” as “America”; it is commonly and normally accepted to use either term interchangeably, even by those of other North, Central and South American nations.                  

  2. What language are you speaking when you say, “United States of”? English. American people are the only people who define their land in language, through the perspective of another nation.                                                                                                                

  3. Preceding the declaration of our nation’s name in every utterance, what does that choice of language, say about who leads the land?                                                                                                 

  4. If we really believed in the “United States of America” terminology, it would be more correct to refer to ourselves as “statesmen / stateswomen / statespeople of America” and not "Americans"; that terminology was important during the unification of the multiple territories of what we know of as “America” today, but considering the period of unification is complete, it is now outdated.                                                                                                             

  5. It’s in one of our national anthems that way: “America, America, God shed His grace on thee”.                                                                                                   

  6. America is comprised of more than just states, there are many territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam and Washington D.C. (who should also receive statehood in a democratic nation) but nonetheless are part of the nation and unacknowledged in the “United States” terminology.                                                                                                                               

  7. To appreciate all that America is, not just what it was.                                                                                                 

  8. We respect and free ourselves and our land in language by accepting our nation as-is; as America, free from the perspective of another nation. It is time to unify in language; signaling toward a more-unified nation, moving in a unified direction.                                                                                                                        

  9. Every president has referred to this land as “America” at some point. It’s 2024, we are Americans of America, it is time to update.

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