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  Why "Ävatar of Earth"?  

I am running to be President of America and Leader of the Free World in 2024 because of my unique connection to Earth which has allowed me to intuit an incredible plan for equality and direct-democracy that we call, Earth Order.

My connection with Earth is faith-based, but not theoretical, it is scientifically proven with over 25 minutes of filmed communication with dragonflies, bees and other animals on this very website; a result of my decalcification of my pineal gland* in 2020; the pineal gland is a gland in all animals allowing the animal to intuit critical information from Earth. In animals such as elephants, butterflies and geese this gland allows them to tap into and move in the healthiest migration patterns along what the scientific community calls, “Earth’s magnetic field lines"**.

The umlaut above the “A” in Ävatar specifies a living representative rather than just any representative of a higher being; in my case, the higher being is Earth. 

The Ävatar of Earth title honors both where my intuition comes from as well as my vow, the oath I’ve taken to ensure the sacred protection, harmony and natural evolution of humanity and of Earth.



**: Earth’s magnetic field lines: This scientific name is a reduction of all that is contained within this invisible circuitry of Earth as “science” is measuring within the limited capabilities of its own tools.


*: Most humans have the pineal gland calcified by improper diet, fluoride in toothpaste, mouthwash and other consumables.

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