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What is Earth Order?
Earth Order is the growing vision for humanity’s equality and evolution.

As we move into a time of unprecedented inequality across the planet and at the same time becoming more aware of the existence of other species in the universe and amongst us here in Earth, the need to define who we are and how we treat each other is evermost present for the protection, survival, thrival and evolution of humanity.

The goal of Earth Order’s work is to provide an agreement-based system of equality in alignment with Earth. A vision given to and guided by Ävatar Daví, Earth Order offers a new perspective of how society can work in cooperation; support for each to work within their unique interests and passions; allowing the greater humanity to responsibly find harmony and balance between usage and contribution to Earth. 

In this vision, what does Earth Order do?
Earth Order provides equal salaries for chosen work. Participants can either create their own business and apply to Earth Order or work for an Earth Order Business already created. Salaries are paid in digital currency and personal accounts are encrypted for privacy. 

Earth Order offers a home exchange where all have access to quality housing. Participants will be able to live in homes that are managed and maintained by Earth Order and have an opportunity to transfer locations seasonally. 

Earth Order covers all healthcare costs. 

Earth Order provides a voting system where everyone votes on everything.
Voting is online and voting periods last for 4 months. Votes of a ‘Representative’ are only used as a default for individuals who choose not to vote. 

More details about Earth Order can be viewed here

How do I join?
To join Earth Order, humans can agree to the 12 Points of Human Spiritual Code and the 3 Human Life Principles below. 

The time is NOW to act for ourselves and all future generations. When we agree to Earth Order, order within our dear Earth, we immediately begin a new perspective of a life of passion and meaning upon a foundation that is not based in feeding the endless desire of corporations for profits, but rather a foundation based in the desire for growth in humanity and in Earth. It cannot be overstated, each time someone signs an agreement to Earth Order, one important step is taken in a direct way toward this beautiful vision becoming our present day; our choices make a difference

Thank you for taking this important step for humanity with us. 

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Thank you for taking this powerful step for humanity and agreeing to the vision of Earth Order. You are now added to the Email List where you will receive further information about our progress. Until then, share your light!

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