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Earth Order Business is a network of Contributor Businesses that reflect the ongoing growing social, cultural and natural needs specific to each community. 

Pre-existing businesses and new business concepts are all welcome for application. 

Criteria to join will include agreement to Earth Order Business Code – standards addressing things such as employee treatment, environmental impact and recycling. To be a 'Contributor Business' is to be a business that intentionally contributes internally, to their staff and Earth Order and externally, to humanity and the greater Earth.

Once approved, Earth Order Business provides slots for employment for each Contributer Business based on the number of slots asked for in the application. 

After the business chooses an Earth Order Participant for an employment slot, the Participant will be paid their salary from Earth Order Business. 

In exchange for not paying for employment, each Contributor Business will contribute (a suggested) 
50% of profits to Earth Order per cycle. 

Businesses within the network will be monitored by general public review and audit by Earth Order management staff to ensure integrity. 

For more info about Earth Order business distinctions and to see a visual chart of the Earth Order economic flow, click here

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