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4 Personal Distinctions in Earth Order

1.  I work for the people via Earth Order, in turn the people support me via Earth Order.

2. I do work that reflects my interests and unique contributions.

3. I am the keeper of my free will and others are the keepers of theirs’.

4. Everyone deserves a fair opportunity to live and thrive.


Earth Order Business Financial Agreement

As the First Leader of this Earth Order Business I understand and agree:

  1. To uphold the integrity of Earth Order and all Participants who choose to support. 

  2. That all Earth Order Businesses start off with a balance of zero. 

  3. To send 50% of the businesses' profits to Earth Order every season. 

  4. That, in the spirit of renewal, 10 years after the start date of this business, its account will once again be zeroed. At this time, Participants in the business can decide whether to continue the business or start a new chapter.




Earth Order Business Standard

I attest that I am naturally motivated to do the work of this business to the best of my ability.

I declare that this is business is a direct reflection of my unique skills and passions.

I declare responsibility for the welfare, motivation and direction of all Participants who support this business from this moment on.