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Earth Order is the growing vision for humanity’s equality and evolution. A vision given to and guided by Ävatar Daví, Earth Order offers a new perspective of how society can work in cooperation.

Prior to 2020, Daví was primarily a music artist, teacher, choreographer and tech founder. You can read more about Daví’s personal bio here.  

In 2020, Daví went through what he calls a spiritual elevation process where he began intuiting and writing The Daví Manifestos - 5 volumes of truths about the current human condition and contrasting words needed to self-discover sacred purpose. In addition he began to notice that he could communicate with dragonflies, bees, sing in multiple tones simultaneously and more, culminating into this understanding of himself as Ävatar of Earth. You can visit the Ävatar Communication page for video evidences and The Daví Manifesto page where the first volume is available for free to download.

In 2021, Daví ran for Mayor of New York City, the spiritual heart of the nation and the planet, presenting the first-ever system of equality by a political candidacy, Earth Order.

A vision that was gradually revealed to Daví starting around 2014, Earth Order provides equal salaries for self-chosen work, a home exchange for cozy living, covering healthcare costs and everyone has a vote in everything; a system providing the foundation for comfortable, supported living and the space for us, as humanity, to mature into greater.


Earth Order, ‘Order in Earth’, seeks to gradually grow in being a way for humanity to integrate within the natural order of Earth while providing the foundation for each individual to uniquely advance within their chosen focus of work.

Now a growing team and hot topic within the higher thinking community, beyond the mayoral campaign Earth Order continues to urgently find agreement in humanity. As we move into a time where we are becoming more present to the existence of other species in the universe and living amongst us here in Earth, the need to define who we are and how we treat each other is evermost present for the protection, survival, thrival and evolution of humanity.


With Earth Order, the goal is to have humans agree to 12 points of Human Spiritual Code and 3 Human Life principles as a foundational humanitarian agreement.

May humanity no longer be led by our predators but rather, lead ourselves and grow in alignment with Earth, truth and the true potential of our lives.

There is great power in agreement. May we urgently find agreement.

In Earth Order, in equality, may we be protected by the appreciation of the chance to do better –

to live lives of passion and meaning,

knowing our choices are important and make a difference,

growing ourselves and the collective intentionally,

now and furthermore.

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