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On an ongoing
 basis, Participants of Earth Order may use their online account to send in their ‘Adjustment Suggestion’. An Adjustment Suggestion is a concern for their community partnered with a suggestion of a solution. 

arth Order staff will analyze Adjustment Suggestions and compile them into questions for the next Earth Order Vote. Each Participant who sends in an Adjustment Suggestion will receive a response indicating how their adjustment was incorporated into a question for vote or if there is more information needed. 

Earth Order staff will work to ensure that all Adjustment Suggestions are respected and responded to. Support in writing the adjustment will be available for those who need it.  

Everyone votes on everything via Earth Order Site or App.

Voting is online and voting periods last for 4 months. 

Should there be a need and vote for audit, all votes will be made public to confirm validity.

Votes of a ‘Representative’ are only used as a default for Participants who choose not to vote. 

All self-nominated Participants, whose votes in the previous election cycle matched exactly with the final opinion of the district, will be placed in a lottery; the chosen Participant will be offered the Representative role. 

During an Earth Order vote, the Participant votes or if the Participant chooses not to vote, by default, the Participant’s ballot will be a copy of the Representative’s ballot. 

Representatives will also be tasked with following up with the teams responsible for completing the task associated with the outcome of a vote, reporting their satisfaction level to Earth Order management. 

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