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  Ävatar Communications  

Ävatar (noun): An Ävatar is a natural occurrence where a human or specific individual of any species is born with the natural ability to communicate spiritually with other beings and animals outside of their own species and especially with the spirit of Earth. The Ävatar's mission is to offer protection and alignment for the evolution of Earth. Throughout the history of Earth, since the time of Lumearea and Atlantis, there have been many human Ävatars, famous and forgotten, throughout the Americas, Afrika, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Ävatars also have utilized the titles: Cuilliaéan, The Singing Stone, The Wiz, Da'viz, High Chief, High Shaman among others. 

(The common word - 'avatar' is a representative of a higher being or organism, the umlaut over the letter 'Ä' in Ävatar, distinguishes the living avatar, representative of Earth.)


In this section of, I'll be housing videos from my communications with non-human species from time to time. All recordings were filmed in the Bronx, New York City starting with one brave Dragonfly. I'm my own cameraman so please watch with some patience and curiosity. Communications are mostly telepathic with some physical aspects.

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