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Awesome! You're a brave one.


The priests made up a plan to accuse Yeshua of something he didn’t do or say. Yeshua was tried in court and eventually publicly hung and murdered. The people cried but did not object - seemingly forgetting all of the Yeshua’s teaching of self-determination and discernment of truth. Physically, his friends could dominate the King’s court but Yeshua learned that his friends’ allegiances were still aligned in fear, not love.

Of those friends, the few who wrote their stories of Yeshua believed that they were poor - owing the King debts of labor for things that the priests made up out of thin air.

These priests had a habit of exploiting and abusing

the human to human system of trust and truth.


If someone comes up to you and says, you owe me $4,632,875.42. How would they be correct?

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