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The Daví Manifesto


As of December 25th. 2020 -  The Day of the Seed,

The Daví Manifesto – Volume 1 is released free to all humans!

Click the book to download.


In this first volume, you join me inside of my

excitingly zippy, wonderfully loud, psychedelically painful, funkily terrifying, fun and silent journey

to en-light-en / to discern truth / to become

Ävatar of Earth.

This volume is just over 460 pages with plenty of space to write your own notes.

It is available in the bookstore for physical purchase. The first of 4 written volumes.

This is my seed to the world.

Day of the Seed  // December 25th 

What is your seed to the world? What is your seed to each of the important humans in your life?

Is it a book? Is it a drawing? Is it a creation? Is it a truth?

Planting / sowing seeds in the winter is an ancient technique that triggers a process called stratification where the freezing in the winter and thawing in the spring softens the shell and gives the seed a better chance of sprouting.

Supplementary Writing and Video: The Prior Self