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  The Daví Manifesto  

In this first volume, you join me inside of my philosophically wonderful, painful, beautiful, loud and silent journey to in-light-en / to discern truth / my journey becoming Ävatar of Earth. This volume is just over 460 pages with plenty of space to write your own notes. It's less about narrative and more about on creating new mental rhythms for health and optimization. The goal is your intellectual expansion and the informing of your self-activation for infinite growth. This is the first of 6 written volumes and counting; 

my seed to the world.


As of December 25th, 2020 -  The Day of the Seed

The Daví Manifesto – Volume 1 is released free for all humans!

Click the book to download the free PDF version.

To purchase the signed Special Edition for First Crusaders visit the Bookstore.

Day of the Seed

December 25th // Mesore 25th

What is your seed to the world? What is your seed to each of the important humans in your life? Is it a book? Is it a drawing? Is it a creation? Is it a truth?

Planting / sowing seeds in the winter is an ancient technique that triggers a process called stratification where the freezing in the winter and thawing in the spring softens the shell and gives the seed a better chance of sprouting.


After the darkest annual period of days, when our Sun's light and daytime begin 

to increase on December 25th // Mesore 25th, I celebrate The Day of the Seed,

intentionally planting seeds, visions and goals for the new year and beyond.

On this day, you too are invited to plant your seeds, in your way,

such that we may become an evermore intentional, growing human collective.

Supplementary Writing and Video: The Prior Self


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