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Each Time (The Prior Self Song)

..received in the moment // 9.21.2020 // Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY 

The Prior Self

by ​Daví

When you conquer that first directive, can you conquer the next directive? Are you game? It’s never too far ahead of you but definitely right in front of you timewise.


That voice that calls your entire body to feel into going to get something to eat. Or to play with that ball or to build that sandcastle. That movement was imagined then executed, imagined then executed. As we get older, we allow fear to avoid what we know we should do, what we’d already imagined, and then we get lost outside of ourselves.


Do you understand that? When you go against the voice inside of you, you swirl outside of yourself because you don’t know whose directive is better, yours or someone else’s. You’ll soon realize no one is with you ALWAYS except you so you better learn to trust yourself. You are the key to higher connection with everyone else, not someone or something else.


Your voice was always and is best for you. You never had bad intent. So your voice is best for you, now and always. After you imagine, continue holding and climbing until the very sequence of movement in your vision is executed. Vision begets vision. Very much like the way Sonic the Hedgehog jumps through each golden ring perfectly. Or the finiteness of when a basketball either goes in the hoop or does not. There is a perfection to completing a vision that allows for new expansion. Only you know these sequences of events that must take place to for you to truly complete the vision but if you stay true to it, it will come faster.


The Prior Self who lives in the execution of your vision is always right. These completions of these vision will give you (YOU in particular) lots of joy and completion. Only you can know what these experiences are. If you do not complete these tasks set out by The Prior Self, you will never feel complete. You will always regret it. Regret can carry into the next life in until there is completion. The Prior Self is always right. Your vision is always right.


The moment that your get the idea of how you would like your body to look, the exercises you could do, start doing it, follow through until your vision is complete, only at the completion of the directive, that mission, that golden ring, will the next be revealed to you. And the next is really going to blow you away. Complete this one! Keep bouncing from the next ring to the next, maintain and praise yourself with ALL you need for sustenance food, fun, family, friends, good shelter, good love. Never short-changing yourself because you just don’t have to.


The Prior Self asks you to masturbate at seemingly inconvenient times. These requests are reflections of a muted/calmed-version of your body balancing its chemical levels.


The Prior Self is essentially a slightly higher dimensional version of yourself who is more spiritually charged than your current version of yourself. The Prior Self is not large enough be completely separate from you so it just accompanies your journey, with opinions haha!


If you want something stronger find in it inside. No gym, no spa, nobody can teach you to treat yourself with majesty, beauty and wonder. Nobody that is, except, The Prior Self! The Prior Self knows exactly what you need, when you need it and how you need. Follow those directions. The more simply you can follow those directions the quicker you will be at peace.


“You know the difference between whispers and thoughts.” This is a line told to Daví by his paternal grandmother, Genevieve Hill, in her spiritual form. Thoughts are usually of a more analytical nature. The easiest way to distinguish a thought from a whisper is – a whisper mostly answers the question “I would feel better if….”


Moving in the direction of feeling better and ACCEPTING whatever that is for yourself. Going through with the thought, turning back if you want to. Allowing yourself to BE. Giving yourself permission to CHANGE! That is the most important gift you can give yourself. Allowing yourself to be and change. 

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