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Right! You know what's up!


Soon after, Yeshua’s death, his story was gradually compiled from different writers and traveled throughout the world,

going on to inspire so many!

Around 1500 years later, a famous artist named Michelangelo was offered a contract by Pope Julius II to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with the image a very light-skinned man with burnished bronze hair and Greek name;

Michelangelo's cousin would serve as the model. 

Pope Julius II said this piece (one of a series), was to be absolutely magnificent and timeless - for it Michelangelo would receive massive gold and immortality he’d never dreamed of but there was one catch / one spiritual sacrifice that Michelangelo had to offer in order to receive such a large gift. That sacrifice was truth, this character that Michelangelo was hired to draw

had Yeshua’s story but was named Jesus.


Michelangelo knew that this piece was a historical cover-up of the true identity of Yeshua. 


Is there any price tag on your spirit / your integrity / your word?

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